Hidden Electrical and HVAC Problems in Homes

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Power is life. Having electricity in your home makes life a lot easier for you. A lot of problems that are encountered in homes can easily be solved with the right electrical systems. However, sometimes we experience certain electrical problems in the home

Some of these problems are sometimes easy to spot, and these are the easiest types to solve. For instance, if there was a surge of voltage in the home and a fuse in the Air Conditioner was blown, you would be able to understand why your AC is not functioning. The difficult problems are the ones that you cannot trace, and they are the hidden electrical problems in homes. 

In this article, we will be talking about some of them. First, let us look at some signs of a hidden electrical or HVAC problem. They include:

  • Strange burning smells
  • Buzzing sounds when using an appliance
  • Sparks on outlets or fixtures
  • Frequent tripping of circuits
  • Minor or major electrocutions from sockets and outlets.
  • Increased energy bills.

Hidden Electrical Problems

Loose connection: 

A popping, buzzing, or cracking sound coming from electrical appliances or an outlet can signify a loose connection. It could be the sound of internal wiring touching. The connections need to be tightened appropriately by a professional. 

Poor wiring and inferior fixtures: 

If you notice that your lighting keeps suffering burnouts, it is either the wires are poorly connected or the light fixtures are inferior. The most common metals used in electrical systems are Copper, Aluminum, and Steel since they conduct electricity easily. However, to cut costs, people tend to use alloys of these materials, which are not entirely suitable for this purpose. 

Exposed wiring: 

If a wire is sticking out in a connection, then there will be a break in the flow of current. This will cause a short circuit and eventually be a threat to the home.

Hidden HVAC Problems

Clogged air filters: 

Air filters keep the air in your home clean, so they require regular maintenance. When they are filled with dirt, they can block the flow of air in the home. 

Oversized and undersized HVAC unit: 

If your HVAC unit is not a perfect fit, then it will cause problems. An oversized HVAC unit will turn On and Off frequently, thereby increasing the chances of wear and tear and cutting down airflow.

Accumulation of debris in the outdoor unit: 

Pay attention to the surrounding of the outdoor unit of the HVAC. If there is debris or trees around, the leaves can get stuck to the unit, and this can restrict the flow. The unit will have to work harder to disperse heat.

Blocked or leaking ducts: 

The ductwork in your AC is responsible for dispersing cold air in the house. If the ductwork is clogged or leaking, it can reduce the airflow and reduce the quality of air in circulation. 

When purchasing electrical appliances and installing systems, it is important to purchase original products that adhere to industry or government standards. Ensure that you use professionals that are certified. Victorious Comfort is a certified HVAC company in LA and Orange County. Our experts are reliable and available to proffer solutions to all your HVAC solutions. We are just a call away!

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