IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Victorious Comfort Home 9 IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Good IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is essential to your long-term health. Breathing in pollutants such as smoke, dust, or fumes not only has negative short-term effects (irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, fatigue, dizziness), but can eventually lead to problems such as respiratory diseases and cancer.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure good IAQ. At Victorious HVAC, we not only install, repair, and maintain your indoor ventilation systems; we can also recommend products that clean and purify your air. Getting IAQ products is an essential part of caring for your household.

Installing an air purifier in your HVAC system makes a huge difference to your indoor air quality. These devices use a UV lamp on air that passes through them to neutralize microbes and other particulates.

Though store-bought air purifiers that sit in one room can make a difference to air quality in that particular room, a professional-quality model installed directly into your system not only does the job better, but it improves air quality in the entire structure.


A dirty filter in your system raises energy costs. Since the filter is already saturated with dirt and particulates, air has a harder time passing through it, so your system needs to run longer and use more electricity to achieve the same results. Plus, the filter is no longer catching pollution, which means that it stays in the air longer.

One of our services is air filter replacement, an essential part of HVAC maintenance. Our standard is four-inch filtration. Replacing your air filter regularly not only helps your system last longer, but it’s better for your health and air quality too.

UV Lights

One very effective technology that is included in most modern air purifiers is UV lamps. These kill potential germs, keeping your air pure and disease-free. Pathogens like the cold, flu, and Covid spread through the air, and better ventilation and filtration can make you less likely to catch them, even if someone else in your household is sick.

Ensuring good indoor air quality allows you to live better and breathe easier. Contact us for more information about how we can improve your IAQ.


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