Should I Be Worried About Extreme Heat Affecting My Air Conditioner?

Victorious Comfort Home 9 HVAC 9 Should I Be Worried About Extreme Heat Affecting My Air Conditioner?
When temperatures soar, your air conditioner works overtime to keep your home cool and comfortable. But even the most efficient AC unit can struggle to keep up when the temperature climbs to record-breaking levels.

Here’s a look at how extreme heat affects your air conditioner and tips for keeping it running problem-free all year.

Common AC Problems Caused by Extremely Hot Days

Wondering how to tell if your air conditioner is struggling with scorching weather? Here are the four most common signs to watch for.

Frozen Coils

When the temperature outside is extremely hot, the coils in your AC unit can freeze up. This is usually from a lack of airflow over the coils or low refrigerant. A symptom of frozen coils is a house that isn’t cooling enough or ice on your pipes.

Compressor Overheating

If your air conditioner works too hard, it can overheat the compressor. If this happens, the AC unit will turn off to protect itself from further damage. When the compressor shuts down, you may notice your system blowing warm air or not blowing any air at all.

If this continues, the oil inside your compressor will break down, and the unit will eventually fail.

Clogged Filter

When your air conditioner runs more often, the filters clog up faster than usual. If your AC unit was working fine and suddenly started blowing warm air, the first thing to check is the filter. If it’s clogged up with dust, your system will have difficulty cooling your house.

Motor Overheating

Another reason that your AC might start blowing warm air is an overworked motor. This usually happens when the unit operates too long without a break. Overheating causes damage to internal components.

Tips for Reducing Strain on Your Air Conditioner

There are a few ways to help your air conditioner along on the hottest days. Following these tips will also extend your AC unit’s life. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the work that it’s doing to keep your home cool.

  1. Keep your thermostat set to about 78 degrees when you’re home. Set it a few degrees higher when you’re away.
  2. Switch out your filter at least once a month. If you have pets, consider changing the filter more frequently.
  3. Keep doors shut in unused rooms.
  4. Keep curtains and blinds shut. Use black-out curtains if possible.
  5. Run ceiling fans in a counterclockwise motion to circulate the cool air downward.

Need Professional Help?

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home like it used to, give Victorious Comfort a call. We are an HVAC company and AC repair service that offers AC installation, emergency AC repair, free estimates and the best service around!

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